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Product Features

We have some of the best offers and low priced skylight roof blinds in Ireland and the UK.

The blinds are designed with intelligent thermal qualities, verified heat loss savings from at least 25% heat loss reduction (BBA Tested). This is made possible by the thermal fabric and the ‘sealing effect’ of the blind, which traps the air between the fabric and the glass. By preventing air from circulating around the window air from the room is stopped from being cooled by the glazing pane.


Our team are based in Ireland and have over 30 years experience in Blinds supplying to Ireland and UK. We offer free telephone advise. Telephone: +353 53 9120892 Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

Customer Service

Our staff appreciates the importance placed on serving the customer, going above and beyond levels that others would consider great service. Entrusted with the critical task of overseeing the processing of customer orders, our attention to detail helps prevent customer errors from reaching production uncorrected. Contact us